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Jayasinghe Park

Wellness Center of Serenity and Nature

Sustainably Designed & Ecologically Focused Wellness Center

The Jayasinghe Park Project intends to transform and modernize a long-standing religious center and its surrounding area. The current site will be transformed into a sustainably designed and ecologically and spiritually focused campus for devotees. This project is currently under construction.


Key Features

The key features of the proposed religious campus include

Meditation Hall

Meditation Hall



Living Quarters

Living Quarters

Promenade/Pola & Office Building

Promenade/Pola & Office Building

Parking & Restaurant

Parking & Restaurant

AZUSA MEDITATION CENTER photo of frond view

Project Overview

The Jayasinghe Park – Wellness Center of Serenity and Nature is a proposed project to expand and modernize an existing Buddhist monastic center. The project site is located in unincorporated Los Angeles County, near the San Gabriel River, northeast of the city of Azusa and north of the city of Glendora. The overall project Site is approximately 93.18 acres. However, the project will only occupy 15 acres of land.

The rest 78 acres would remain open space interspersed with California native plant species and incorporate modern landscaping to enhance aesthetics and spiritual appeal. The project intends to renovate 16,175 square feet of existing structures and other existing infrastructure and add new elements that will result in approximately 51,415 total square footage of complementary structures, outdoor amenities, upgraded utility, and roadway infrastructure.

Project Goals and Objectives

We aim to provide a tranquil Buddhist religious sanctuary that offers ample space for prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection. Our goals include

  • Promoting Buddhist spiritual and cultural education.
  • Promoting an engaging environment for Buddhist religious learning that includes educational opportunities, dialogue, and spiritual growth.
  • Modernizing and renovating the project site for county standards compliance.
  • Restoration of sensitive riparian habitats along the San Gabriel River.
The Azusa Meditation Center is a proposed project to expand and modernize an existing Buddhist monastic center

Regular Activities and Special Events

Regular Activities
On average, 10-25 regular staff members will visit the project site every day. They will assist with groundskeeping, site maintenance, light agricultural tasks, general administrative support, and religious and meditative activities for individuals and small groups.

Special Events
The project site will host up to four large monthly events, each with a maximum attendance of 225 people (plus about six staff members). Smaller gatherings of 50-100 people are expected to occur up to 8-10 times yearly.

Event Focus

  • Buddhist meditation and religious retreats.
  • Buddhist holiday celebrations.
  • Health and wellness educational sessions focusing on the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness.
  • Religious and spiritual wellness educational seminars, & cultural performances.
  • Cross-cultural events and educational services.
AZUSA MEDITATION CENTER plan photo of drone view

Parking and Shuttle Services

On-site parking for 32 vehicles, including ADA spaces, will be provided for all regular operations. For special events with more than 50 attendees, off-site parking within five miles of the project site and a shuttle service will be used.

Roadway and Utility Improvements

The following utilities will be upgraded to support the continuation of existing uses and the modernization of the project site:

Electric Service
Upgraded the main electrical service to a 2000 amp capacity for new structures and the existing multi-purpose hall.

Water Facilities
Installation of water facilities, including

  • Well(s) with a production capacity of 12,960 gallons per day (GPD).
  • Domestic water storage Tank (volume equal to one fire flow event and operating storage for two days).
  • Domestic water pump station and Hydropneumatic Storage Tank(s).

Wastewater Treatment Facility
NOWTS (Non-Conventional Onsite Wastewater Treatment System) with a capacity of approximately 2,500 GPD.
** Figures are still being determined through yearly studies.

Shallow river between bright trees on mount

Conservation and Restoration Improvements

The project site is located in San Gabriel Canyon, an important ecological area. Therefore, the project’s focus will include the restoration and enhancement of the site’s biological resources. The restoration goals are

1. Removal of woody non-natives.
2. Implementation of ornamental landscaping with native trees within the development footprint.
3. Creation of bioswale on the south edge of the parking area.
4. Protection of the existing San Gabriel Dudleya population and provide access to the Native Plant Society for monitoring.
5. Enhancement of existing degraded scale broom scrub vegetation adjacent to the river.
6. Restoration of scale broom scrub/California sycamore woodland vegetation within a large disturbance area on the upper terrace of the river.
7. Enhancement of existing degraded holly leaf redberry/laurel sumac scrub vegetation at the west end of the project area.
8. Expansion of the San Gabriel Dudleya population (seed collection and distribution).